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We are the bridge betweenyoungand marketwork

An institute with the mission of accelerating the future of low-income youth, helping them to be protagonists of their lives and careers.

who we are?

The Institute bold  was born in 2017 in Boston in the USA with the mission of becoming a people accelerator focused on emotional intelligence and entrepreneurship, being the bridge between Young People and Companies to foster diversity and social inclusion and consequently transform the Brazil.

Today, we start impacting multipliers who, in addition to changing the perspectives of their surroundings (family and community), will be ourambassadorswith the commitment to impact 5 new students in the future. 

In this way, we will achieve the goal ofimpact millions of Brazilians by 2030.


We believe in the potential of young Brazilians and in the richness of our plurality.

Ourinspirationcomes from the thirst for knowledge and the search for innovation that permeates the world since the turn of the last century.

It also comes from the relentless pursuit ofnew talentsand the universal will of the human being to know what is, in fact, his place and purpose in life

We were born to praise the talent and pride of being Brazilian in an increasingly fast-paced and connected world. No "there" and "here", "here" or "outside". Now, the boldness belongs to those who play, to those who roll up their sleeves and do things, to those who transform.


We are transformers.We are Brazilians. We are passionate about diversity, inclusion and all that they bring us good.

We are Bold.And we assume a responsibility: to accelerate people and project talents to the job market.

Our mission is to become a human accelerator focused on self-knowledge, emotional intelligence and intrapreneurship, acting as a bridge between Bolders and the company to occupy spaces in the labor market in order to foster social inclusion and consequently the transformation of Brazil.
We started small, transforming the lives of a group of students and training them so that, in addition to changing the perspectives of their own families and their surroundings, they can become ambassadors for the Institute with the commitment to impact five new young people in the future.

our purpose

the team

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Thiago Samu

  • LinkedIn

Passionate about human development! I accelerate people and companies through Wellness, Purpose, Emotional Intelligence and Entrepreneurship.


Marcio Yoki

  • LinkedIn

Socio-emotional educator, focused on the development of people and young people.


Iago Araujo

  • LinkedIn

Information Technology, focused on bringing solutions through technology in order to make the world a better place.


Isadora Sbrissa

  • LinkedIn

Marketing e Impacto Social


Silvio Veloso

  • LinkedIn


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Giovanni Manganoti

  • LinkedIn

Strategic Marketing, focused on connecting people with training initiatives, I help leverage companies and define strategies to achieve the goal.

Michelle Prado

  • LinkedIn

Educational talent development consultant, focused on bringing solutions that serve the public through education.

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Marcia Cirihal

  • LinkedIn

Gestão de voluntários, ajudo a desenvolver mentores para capacitar jovens talentos para o mercado de trabalho.


Alessandra Morrison

  • LinkedIn

Desenvolvimento Humano


Grazi Gomes

  • LinkedIn

Educação Inovadora e Empreendedorismo


Francismara Araldi

  • LinkedIn

Gestão de voluntários, ajudo a desenvolver mentores para capacitar jovens talentos para o mercado de trabalho.


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