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Want conquer the employment of your

Training and connection with inclusive companies.



Our focus is your opportunity!

Young people looking to differentiate their career

Monthly sessions

100% Digital, Humanized & Online

Free and certified

Practical experiences

What you will win:

Training100% freeabout skills that the market is most looking for;

Certificationat the end of each Journey to use asadditional hours

connect withmentorsof the best companies on the market. 

Having the opportunity to win ajoband participate in other iBold training courses

Develop thefuture skillsWhat companies are most looking for

Conquer the opportunity to join the next Bold training courses

Stages of the Professional Acceleration Program

This is the step-by-step guide for you to finalize your enrollment in our professional acceleration program.
To join the journey it is necessary that you complete each step of the registration process


Application form

The first step is to register in the form, to proceed with your process and join the journey


VIP Group Access

After signing up, you need to access the VIP group on WhatsApp, there we will provide all the necessary instructions.




Access to Google GC

After joining the VIP group, we will provide you with access to our Google Classroom, where we will make the study materials available.


Beginning of the Bold journey

After you go through all the steps, we will invite you to our inaugural meeting



Bold development process

Get to know a little about the development process that Instituto Bold offers until you get the job you've dreamed of and have the chance to win an opportunity at one of our partner companies.

Journey of Consciousness

Have the opportunity to learn the skills of the future that companies are most looking for in professionals today, through a teaching methodology inspired by the best universities in the world.

Journey of Knowledge

We'll teach you how to exercise your personal presentation through Pitch and Oratory techniques, in addition to training arguments, support, thanks and feedback that will help you do well in a job interview.

Impact Journey

  Through a real case, you will have the opportunity to solve an existing pain of one of the partner companies, creating a group project, taking an innovative solution and, in the end, presenting it to an evaluating board !

dream job

At the end of the journeys, you have the opportunity to win a job at one of our partner companies!

Institute's Partner Companies

Common questions

  • Quem é o Instituto Bold?
    O Instituto Bold é uma Ong que tem foco na aceleração de carreira para jovens talentos com o objetivo de gerar mais empregabilidade através dos treinamentos 100% gratuitos.
  • O que é o programa de aceleração do Instituto Bold?
    O Instituto Bold oferece capacitação gratuita nas áreas de autoconhecimento, inovação digital e empreendedorismo com foco em empregabilidade. Temos trilhas de aprendizado focadas em desenvolver os nossos Bolders e prepará-los para o mercado de trabalho e para a vida.
  • Who is the CCR 2023 First Journey for?
    The Bold Institute program in partnership with CCR is aimed at young people between 18 and 30 years old.
  • Who can participate in the CCR 2023 Program?
    To participate in our program, you must have an average monthly income of less than 5 minimum wages.
  • Do I have to pay anything to participate?
    The program is completely free for participants. All costs are borne by partner companies that seek the best professionals in the market to be selected during the journeys.
  • What is the duration of the program?
    To accelerate and project talents in the job market, our training lasts four months and focuses on practical learning with +300 hours of training.
  • Where will the Professional Acceleration Program take place?
    The program is 100% online and you can participate wherever you are. All you need is access to a computer or mobile device connected to the internet.
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